Muddiwarx Hacksign

(Cubby is the best cat in the world ever - he's Bagpuss minus the pink!)

Cubby Cat
Cubby was never supposed to be staying - we were keeping a girl and ONLY a girl, but there was one kitten who never stopped purring, who was bigger and fluffier and paler than everyone else and no matter what we tried - we all fell in love with him.

Cubby is a super social cat - I believe that he is really a Golden Retriever in cat skin. He loves to go out in the car, to the pet shop, to the park, camping, meeting people, to the vets, to visit my friends kennels - as long as there are people Cubby wants to go!
His show career was sadly cut short after an ear infection left him with a slight head tilt - at his first show he was awarded Best Kitten in Breed, Best of Breed and BKIS 3 - sadly his first show was also his last although he has attended a couple of dog shows since instead!