Deniangill Blue Moon

Born 15/12/2008 Bred by Denise McGill

The DexDog

Master of wagging and smiling.

Dexter is possibly the happiest dog in the World.

We acquired Dex when he was about 5 months old and his previous owners decided they didn't want him anymore.

Their loss, our gain.

He is an immensely powerful boy and in his younger days ran in harness with a sled dog team.

We once also competed (only once) in a canicross competition and we completed the course - Dex was happy as Larry at the end and ready to go again, I was close to collapse but at least we did it!

In his youth Dex was lightly shown, but gundogs are always shown an a different day to my other breeds so he spent far more time as a spectator than a participant!

He enjoys training in rally obedience and has competed a couple of times and plans to get his first title at some point in the future, but not just yet ....