Chayo Black Magic WPD, WTD, WWPD

May 2004 - September 2015  Bred by Sue Ellis

Noobie - the most wonderful and special dog ever - I shall miss her always.

"Not a normal Malamute"

Noobie was regularly described as "not a normal Malamute".
She loved all dogs and cats and small animals and birds - her best friends were her chicken flock
She defied the Malamute obedience and stubborness trends and enjoyed training in and competing in obedience and rally and a little agility in her younger days. 
She was a fantastic working dog - gaining titles in weight pull, back packing and running in harness.
She competed for over ten years in sled dog events - racing in a team, scootering and canicross.
She dabbled in the show ring - enjoying the challenge of new handlers and her aim was always to make those around her laugh and smile.