Keikewabic’s Shepherdsway Chayo ROMWD
(Imp CAN)

Jan 2003 - September 2008  Bred by Maureen Anderson


A dog in a million

North was gifted to us by Sue Ellis, Noobie's breeder. We "needed" another Malamute to run in the rallies with Noobs.

He settled in as if he had always been ours - a dog of exceptional temperament - he loved and adored all people and got on well with other dogs and small furries.
He loved to work in harness and to play and to swim - he also enjoyed success in the show ring and achieved his greatest results when handled by a Junior.

North passed away very unexpectedly in the prime of his life and has been very sadly missed but remembered with great fondness by all who knew him. His children and grandchildren continue to do him pround both in the show ring and on the trails