Ragus Just For Kicks at Muddiwarx

Born 05/11/2010 Bred by Lesley Crawley

Meet Pixie

Pixie is our Norwich terrier.
She is the most easy straightforward dog I have ever met – absolutely what you see is what you get.

She likes everyone and everything – especially people and small pets – rabbits, rats, hamsters etc! (Her behaviour totally betrays her ancestry as a ratter!)

She has dabbled in the show ring and has a first place from Crufts, but as a general rule she prefers to be scruffy coated and enjoying rolling round in the grass and chasing her friends to being clean and tidy in the ring!

In 2015 we started training for rally obedience and she has two qualifiers towards her first title – fingers crossed that the third one will come along soon …

Will totally depend on whether it is too hot or too cold at the show or the grass is too long or too spiky, or if a horse pooped here within the last month or so ….. no rush to get that title Miss Pix!

Food, Following and Family

I have never worked out why Norwich terriers are not more popular - they truly have the potential to be the ideal family pet for so many situations.

Pixie's favourite activities are eating - her favourite snack being strawberry mousse or lamb ribs.

She loves to just be with people and is at her very happiest just following her family around - she isn't at all demanding and is happy to just be with the people she loves.

She does like a good run, especially in the forest, she hates swimming and she loves rolling on revolting items - the smellier and mankier the better!

Fortunately she quite likes a bath.