Rose of Ranee

May 1995 - 2010 Bred by Pat Brayford

"The orange one"

Often mistake for a ridgeback or shar pei in her youth ...

Vanessa was the most unusual of Labradors, she was far more like a typical GSD than a Lab. The only guard dog I have ever owned - she had a fabulous woof and enjoyed looking after her family.
She enjoyed competing in obedience and had one attempt at agility competition (but after pooping down the A Frame in slow motion ... never again)

Vanessa's greatest love in life was eating, probably followed by swimming. She had a collection of health issues which caused problems when she was younger, but following double ACL surgery aged 8 she was never fitter and she lived a long and happy life filled with cuddles, walks and not as many cakes as she would have hoped for.