Awelymor Maelee avec Muddiwarx

Born 22/05/2016 bred by Karen Surrall

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Zelda The French Barbet

Our long anticipated newest arrival! After much reading, research and asking questions and discussion we decided that a Barbet was the ideal choice of a new addition for the family, an ancient French breed, who have yet to be recognised within the UK (but fully FCI recognised) these dogs are traditionally gundogs but appear to be able to turn their paws to all manner of activities – we have great expectations for this curly girl – rally, obedience, agility and also running in harness.

Zelda is the sweetest of dogs. She is calm and gentle and incredibly friendly without being OTT. She loves dogs, cats and most of all people – especially children.

She is loving her training and is keen and interested – especially in the liver cake rewards.

Zelda is now competing in rally obedience and at her first trial she gained the first leg towards her title.

in February 2017 she attended her first FCI dog show in Belgium where she was Best Junior in breed.

Zelda in Belgium at the dog show - 1st place in Junior and graded excellent

Starting some agility training

Barbet - The French Waterdog

For more information on this charming breed please check out the club website at